Understory Art Residency

Understory Art Residency


I was invited to be the Artist in Residence at the Understory, which is a creative art space in the base of the Amazon Spheres HQ in downtown Seattle for the month of November and December, 2022. During my residency, I created a number of participation based installations. I focused on the ideas of authenticity, physical reality versus one's perception, and the societal implications of the expansion of artificial intelligence.

During the residency, I developed three primary installations. First, my collection of 16 Crypto Shards: steel, concrete and leather sculptural physical NFTs. Each can be authenticated physically to show it is authentic and matches the digital NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Second, I created a one-way mirror installation which shows your estimated body segments (stick skeleton) based on an AI model.

Lastly, I created a 1970s office environment with a hacked word processor typewriter connected to OpenAI's GPT3 and DALL-E AI models. The participant begins typing a story, and the typewriter continues the story autonomously. As the story unfolds on the typewriter, DALL-E illustrated the story on the wood paneled wall in three picture frames.

The Luminous Rex Mission

My mission is to learn, create, and explore technology and art. By combining new and old technology and materials, both fabulous and disastrous results are made manifest. These pages are a light docementation of my process.