AI Gaze Redirection with NVIDIA Maxine AR SDK

AI Gaze Redirection with NVIDIA Maxine AR SDK


NVIDIA Maxine AR SDK offers AI-based, real-time 3D face tracking and modeling. One of the examples in the SDK performs gaze redirection, such that the subject's gaze is constrained to fix on the camera.

As you can see in this video, this feature is still in beta. It does a pretty good job of constraining the gaze as the head changes pose, but the texture and specular reflection of the eye is not accurate, nor is the texture color and texture of the iris. I imagine that future releases of the SDK will make the results more accurate.

I tested this in a teleprompter scenario - the text was presented below the camera, making direct constant eye contact difficult. I imagine in the future, this technology will replace physical teleprompters, just as CG has replaced expensive practical effects in films.

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